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March 10, 2012

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All About me

                My name is Lia Savitri Romdani. People arround me ussually called me Lia. I was born in Selong 15th of march 1993. I live at Lalu Muchdar Street number 4 ,subdistrik Selong in EastLombok. Now I live with my uncle. I was a student of Elementary School No 1  Sandubaya. I was a student in SMP 1 Selong and in SMA 1 Selong. Now I am a student of Biology program in Universitas Mataram.

                My hobbies are singing, reading book, browsing, and sometimes traveling. My favorite music are Pop and Jazz. My favorite singer are  Taylor Swift and Agnes Monica, because they are beautiful and have good talent. My favorite color are white and blue. My favorite food is meatball. I want to be lecturer because I want if my parents proud to me. I want to give happines them.

                About my family : my father name’s is Muhammad Masykur. My mother name’s is Istiqomah. My father and mother are teacher. I have one brother and two sisters. My brother is Ahmad Muzayyin Assyarofi. He is 20 years old. He studies at STKIP HAMZANWADI Pancor. I have two sisters are cute for me. I love them very much.  They are Yuli Khaironi and Siti Afifah Savira Lasmi. Yuli Khaironi is a student of MAN Selong, she is 16 years old. My younger sister name’s Siti Afifah Savira Lasmi. She  is a student of  SDN 1 Sandubaya. She is 12 years old.


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